Production times


times for making handmade jewellery
Not all jewels have the same processing and shipping times.
Some jewels are present in the shop, finished and polished, therefore ready to be packaged and shipped.
Others, however , need to be made to measure. This is the case of rings . Even if present in the store, the ring must be tightened or widened based on the size chosen.
For very large or very small measurements, the timing is different. Certain sizes require a specific casting, in this case the processing can take up to 20 working days.
Processing times remain unchanged even for pendants , earrings or bracelets .
​Every single product is designed, created, finished and polished by hand in our laboratory in Milan.
The production times may seem long but they are strictly necessary to obtain excellently crafted jewels.
We also create jewelery on commission , using 3D technology and engraving and fretwork machines.
Personalized jewelery generally has a processing time of three to four weeks, depending on the complexity of the order.
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