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Here you can find information regarding: the care and customization of your jewel, answers to doubts regarding shipping, returns and processing of personal data.


Mama Schwaz produces and sells art objects in 925 silver that is not galvanized, but polished burnished to better highlight the details of the jewel itself. Engraved rings and bracelets can be personalized by inserting characters. For more complex customizations, contact via form and email is required.

1. Can I customize my jewel?

MS Store produces and markets handcrafted 925 sterling silver jewelery that can be customized down to the smallest detail with symbols, letters and engravings. However, product customization requires different times depending on the customization required. If you want to create a 100% personalized jewel, write your project to our email info@m sstore.it!

We will reply to you as soon as possible!

2. How long does it take for a personalized jewel to be ready?

Construction times can vary greatly from project to project. From a few days for personalizing initials on rings and bracelets to entire weeks for creating your dream jewel!

3. What products do you sell?

Our laboratory specializes in the creation of rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, but also gadget sculptures and personalized engravings

4. How are your products created?

Our products are made through various steps. The first is certainly the study of the product and its construction through 3D rendering. After the design, our future jewel will be printed for the first time by a 3D printer, from which we will then obtain the mold for the creation of the jewel. However, the last finishing stages are the most important. It is precisely here that the experience of our goldsmiths comes into action who will create the finished product with skill and precision.


5. What ring size should I get?

Don't know the size your personalized ring should have?

Follow these practical tips to choose the size that best suits you!

  • The ring should slide onto the finger without too much difficulty.

  • Keep in mind that the fingers on the right hand are a little larger than those on the left hand.

  • Consider the width of the knuckles, especially for men: the ring will also have to pass through the knuckles of the fingers.

  • Also take into account the different seasons and climate changes: in hot periods the hands and fingers tend to swell; on the contrary, in winter the rings could slip.

  • To measure the diameter, it would be useful to take as a reference a ring with a similar shape and characteristics to the one you are choosing.

  • The ring should not be worn too tight, it could disturb blood circulation.

Ring size chart


The characters that can be used on our rings are mainly Italic and Gothic.

Customization with other types of fonts is also possible by contacting our laboratory via email info@mamashwaz.com


The Gothic font is characterized by letters highlighted by thick strokes.

The effect obtained is that of high and very elegant writing.

This is why they are called black letters.

Gothic style Mama Schwaz Milan


The italic font is characterized by a slight inclination of the letters to the right and by a thin and sinuous stroke.

italic characters


6. How should I care for my jewel?

MS Store creates and sells art objects in 925 silver, not galvanized, but polished burnished to better highlight the details

of the jewel itself. In order not to damage the jewel, we recommend not wearing it in the swimming pool, at the seaside and in sulphurous spas. Furthermore, remember that an excessively acidic pH of the skin, as well as a very humid environment, can also contribute to damaging the jewel. Our 925 silver, worked in an artisanal way, by stylistic and image choice, is absolutely not treated with any chemical process.

7. How can I clean my jewelry?

We do not recommend using products that can cause abrasions.

Instead, we recommend using the appropriate cloth for cleaning silver, so as not to damage the burnishing of the product.

8. What is bluing?

Burnishing is a chemical process used to protect silver from the natural oxidation of the metal, but not only. In fact, with experience and touch you can produce unique jewels with very particular shiny reflections

9. I have a very ancient jewel. Do you also restore jewellery?

Yes, for more information regarding the restoration of your jewels, write to us by email info@msstore.it

NB However, we request the collection of the product in our laboratory in Via Conca del Naviglio 5, in order to avoid problems in shipping the product.

10. What products can I buy Mama Schwaz?

Go to Shop

11. How can I contact you?

You can contact our shop or the laboratory directly

12. Do you have a physical store?

Yes , our shop is located in Via Cesare Correnti,21 - 20123 Milan.

13. Where are your items produced?

Our products are made in our laboratory in Milan by professional goldsmiths.

14. How can I pay?

We accept payments via:

Credit/debit card


Bank transfer

All credit card payments are made via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), the security protocol created by the Circuit. This system eliminates the possibility, even minimal, that someone could steal confidential information via the Internet. The system will automatically activate the SSL procedure, making data interception impossible. At that point, the views will be different depending on the browser used.

15. Where can I buy jewellery?

MS Store jewels can be purchased via our website, or at our store in Milan.

16. How much does shipping cost me?

Ordinary shipping to Italy costs 7 euros.

17. What are the delivery times?

For Italy, delivery is expected within 2/3 working days of sending the goods.

For foreign countries, delivery times vary depending on the country of destination.

Hoping to have answered all your questions, we invite you to contact us for more information.